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Independence Center

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Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program

The Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program (PSR) offers a range of social, educational, vocational, behavioral, and cognitive opportunities. The PSR program seeks to help members to optimize their potential for improved interpersonal proficiency, occupation achievement, goal setting, skill development, and increased quality of life, therefore promoting the individuals independence. The following services are offered in the PSR program: 

Skills Building Groups 

Services provided to members, focusing on adaptive functioning deficits, which may be social, emotional, cognitive, interpersonal, and behavioral. The activities are intended to result in members developing or maintaining his or her best possible functional level. Areas of functioning to be addressed include interpersonal communication, health maintenance, symptom regulation, peer interactions, self regulating behavior, problem-solving, communication and interaction, self-care and hygiene, use of public transportation, money management, cooking, and home improvement. 

Food Service Unit

The Food Service Unit prepares health-conscious meals daily for all participating members. Members can also develop their cooking and health management skills by assisting Psychosocial Rehabilitation Staff in our fully equipped kitchen.