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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy- In this group the Independence Center's members learn coping skills to deal with difficult emotions.  Members are encouraged to develop and use techniques to better regulate their reactions to emotions in order to avoid negative behavioral reactions to emotional stress.

MISA- The MISA (Mental Illness/Substance Abuse) group is a support group for Independence Center members who have a history of both mental illness and substance abuse. The group discussions utilize traditional 12-step concepts of recovery along with an eclectic mix of information from other self-help groups.

Relaxation and Coping Skills- The relaxation and coping skills group is designed to help Independence Center members develop skills to self soothe and cope with anxiety, stress and symptoms of mental illness. Members are instructed in various relaxation techniques including: meditation, deep breathing, guided and thematic imagery, isometric squeezing techniques and others. Skills to cope with symptoms such as depression, poor impulse control, voices and other symptoms are also instructed to members in this group.

Symptom and Medication Management- The mental health management group is designed to help Independence Center members develop their symptom control and identification skills. Members in the mental health management group learn about different psychiatric conditions, medications used to treat psychiatric conditions, and other mental health management issues, such as coping with stress or negative emotions such as anger. Members in the mental health management group also learn about communicating effectively with treatment providers.

WRAP- is a holistic approach to overall wellness. The group utilizes various resources including Mary Ellen Copeland's Wellness Recovery Action Plan to help members develop wellness tools. Group discussions focus on utilizing these tools for any of life's issues including mental health, physical well being,  and other concerns and problems encountered during day-to-day living.

Community Support Services

Community Support Individual Services- Independence Center staff are available to members to help members within their natural settings in the community. Staff assist members in the development of daily living skills, social skills, health management skills, skills needed to improve occupational functioning and skills needed to access resources in the community. Services are tailored to individual needs.

 Field House Group- The Field House is a community support group designed to give Independence Center members the opportunity to access exercise resources. Members learn exercise techniques utilizing various exercise equipment and facilities at the Waukegan Field House.

Case Management Services

Independence Center staff are available to provide individual case management services. Such services include referral and linkage to: psychiatric services, primary care medical services, vocational services, housing resources and any other needed goods, services or community resources.


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